Home Health Services


Skilled Nursing

Skilled nursing care on a part-time or intermittent basis.

Physical Therapy

including exercise to regain movement and strength to a body area, and training on how to use special equipment or do daily activities, like how to get in and out of a wheelchair or bathtub.

Occupational Therapy

To help you become able to do usual daily activities by yourself. You might learn new ways to eat, put on clothes, comb your hair, and new ways to do other usual daily activities. Client may continue to receive occupational therapy even if you no longer need other skilled care.

Speech therapy

Including exercise to regain and strengthen speech skills

IV Services

To provide fluids, to administer medications, and to give blood transfusions. Client may require IV therapy for a range of reasons. These include but are not limited to:

Respiratory Therapy

In collaboration with the physician will:

Nutritional Therapy

Includes assessment of nutritional status, evaluation of nutritional needs, and interventions or counseling to achieve optimal outcomes. Nutrition counseling, as a component of nutrition therapy, is the provision of individualized advice and guidance to individuals, who are at nutritional risk because of their health or nutritional history, dietary intake, medications use or chronic illnesses, about options and methods for improving their nutritional status, working with the individual's physician as appropriate.

Home Health Aide

Services on a part-time or intermittent basis. The aide provides services that give additional support to the nurse. These services include but not limited to:

Medical Social Services

To help you with social and emotional concerns related to your illness. This might include counseling or help in finding resources in your community.